Friday, 5 April 2013

Vet visit for Darcy and Jackie

I took young Darcy (the Dapper Dog) to the Vet after he said he would need to seed Darcy prior to quoting on removing dew claws on his 2 hind legs.  After picking myself off the floor with the quote of $595 I decided he would live with the dew claws and I shall just ensure the nails are kept clipped to prevent them growing into the pads and his legs and just pray we never have a problem.

I also asked the Vet to renew a script for Jackie (the Princess Dog) for tablets the Vet in Griffith, NSW had put her on about 2 mths after I got her and she had such a bad skin infection and couldn't stop scratching and tearing her fur out until she bled.  Not only did she do this but she ummmm how do I say it... stank smelled bad.  The Vet in Griffith said she had an allergy and probably from dog food and meat and preservatives in the food.  She would scratch and lick at her skin so much, she didnt even have whiskers anymore.  Just short stubble!!

On my return to Adelaide I googled and came up with a lot of information on her plight and also news about the medication she was on.  After putting her on a BARF diet, she still had the problem however when she was on the medication her itchiness stopped.  However long term use of the medication could prove a problem to her health.

I spoke of all these concerns to the Vet and he agreed.  But he also understood the reasoning I had that in spite of future complications, I had decided that Jackie would have perhaps a shorter life but one that was a lot less painful to her.  I had been finishing off the last of the medication from the Griffith Vet after about 2 months of her tearing herself to pieces and just smelling something awful, in spite of me bathing her each week in special dog shampoo to relieve her pain and get rid of her smell.

So the long shot was, the Vet here prescribed 40 tablets for her.  Half a tablet every morning and then 1/2 tablet every 2nd day.  She has improved no end (using the last of the original script) and also I find since she isn't as uncomfortable now, she appears to be happier and lets me approach her a bit more and she will also now jump up on my armchair for a cuddle some evenings.  Mind you, that is when young Darcy isn't already there.

And I finished making a quilt for Darcy.  Got a real bargain as Spotlight had a sale over Easter and fabric was only $3 a metre.

Blue to Colour co-ordinate with my Lounge room


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