Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Adelaide's Own St Francis

I do Facebook and there is a site I visit often called Lost Dogs of Adelaide.  I visit this site each day to see if any dogs are lost or found in the area I live and if so, I share those posts on my own wall in the hope someone else knows of the owners of these dogs.  Recently Lost Dogs of Adelaide invited "likers" to apply for a position of being an Admin of the site and after much thought and rethinking, I applied and was accepted.   Actually 6 new Admins were chosen from the applications and we are all settling in learning the rules and also how to repost the messages that come in of the lost and found pets.  Even though it is called Lost Dogs of Adelaide, it is open to all pets and we had quite a rush on lost and found pet birds the other day.  Prior to Easter and during Easter there were many lost pet rabbits which caused a little mirth with other "likers" of the site, but they were all genuine requests for people to help find their lost rabbit or others wishing to find the owners of the pet rabbit they just found.

I have assisted a little on the site since being accepted as a new Admin (in training) and I am very pleased to be able to help in some small way to reunite these lost and found pets with their owners.

But one story is very special.  On Sunday a lady found 2 male dogs very close to midnight.  After phoning so many rescue centres she got fobbed off and referred to another and she posted photos of the dogs on the site asking for help.  She took the dogs home and the following day took them to a local vet (where I take Jackie and Darcy) and they assisted her no end.  One of the dogs had been injured and had a broken leg and abrasions on his nose and the Vets assisted but didn't do anything about the broken leg other than pain killers and monitoring the dog.  Anyway, late last night this lady posted on Lost Dogs of Adelaide that finally the owners had been found and this is what she wrote:

"It is with great happiness that I wish to advise you all, that after many hours, many facebook inboxes and soo many phone calls, the 2 dogs (White Female Bull Terrier & Brindle Male Staffy) I found on the side of the road in Gawler in the early hours of Tuesday morning have finally been reunited with their owner!!! ♥

The Staffy is already home, un-injured, safe and sound, and the Bull Terrier, whos name I found out is "Cadbury", is in the vet receiving treatment for her lacerations and broken hind leg.

To the beautiful and caring lady, Nikki I believe, at "vets4pets Golden Grove" thank you for taking the dogs in, ensuring Cadbury was comfortable and given some pain relief, and caring for them both, knowing I didnt have the funds to pay for any treatment ♥
To all the pages who shared my picture and asked for help, I thank you ♥
And to everyone who inboxed, commented, shared my post and offered assistance, I thank you also!! ♥

Despite Cadbury's injuries, this is the best possible outcome we all could have hoped for, and it certainly made my efforts all the more worth while!!

-If the owners, or someone who knows them, do happen to see this post, please contact me, because once Cadbury is all healed I would love to give her one more cuddle, she was such a brave girl, and her little Staffy mate did a good job looking after her too!-

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you ALL again!!

~ xXx ♥ xXx ~ "

I really do think Adelaide has its own St Francis and I hope there are many people who would do the same as this wonderful woman did. 

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