Thursday, 25 April 2013

Darcy Pasess First Test

Ever so chuffed as last night Darcy (The Dapper Dog) passed his Obedience test and graduated from Puppy 2 into Beginners 1.  So next week we may see different doggies in our class, it depends who else graduated also.

Well done Darcy.... another notch in the card!!

It would be nice if we had some success with Jackie (The Princess Dog) and her attending Obedience Class.  Though I notice since she is now so much better with the medication, she now cries when I leave her in the car to take Darcy to the oval for training.  So who knows, maybe she might be ready to try to introduce to other dogs again.  She sure didn't like it before and would snarl and snap at any dog who put its nose anywhere near her.

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