Monday, 15 April 2013

Matthew's Birthday

Last Tuesday was my younger son's Birthday and I invited Matthew and Aida for dinner to celebrate the event.  Aida and I had decided to go "halves" in a birthday gift for him and we chose an Olympus camera and accessories.  He was thrilled with the gift as their other camera had sort of had it and Aida is a mad photographer, recording just about everything they do and everywhere they go.

For dinner I cooked a Cajun spiced roasted chicken and made fried rice.  Any dish with rice in it suits Aida as that is her favourite food.  I was a bit disappointed that the chicken wasn't more spicy and shall just prepare my own seasoning next time as perhaps the one I got from the USA is past the "use by" date and lost its zing.

For dessert I made Mulled Wine Poached Pears and served them with fresh cream.  They were ever so delicious however I could probably have cooked the pears a little longer as they were very solid when I bought them.  However they worked OK with a knife and fork and the syrup was ever so good.

Matthew on his 42nd Birthday

The box was EMPTY! as I had charged the camera

Mulled Red Wine Pears

The recipe for the pears came from the Coles monthly cookbook by Curtis Stone.

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