Friday, 5 April 2013

L .... short for Hell

I have often experienced Learner Drivers, and sometime with me being the Teacher aka Victim!!

One of the earliest memories was being a passenger with my Mother when she was still learning to drive and she would not use the L plates and drive around Centennial Park, Paddington, NSW.  Now this wasn't too hair raising as there was a speed limit within the Park but it was once she got her licence panic set in.  I do remember there were sometimes I would keep my eyes closed for a fair part of the drive to my Uncle Harvey's home in Waverly. 

My Grandmother (Mum) learned to drive after she bought this cute little Morris with a dickie seat.  Mum would have been about 60 plus when she learned to drive and like most people in the Eastern suburbs, she used Centennial Park as her testing and learning ground.  I do remember one time after she got her licence and my sister and I accompanied her on her drive to visit her son, Uncle Harvey.  We got to one intersection and she dutifully stopped on the red light.  Good Mum!  The lights then changed and we did a kangaroo hop as it was a hill start.  Again the lights turned red and we all relaxed until the next change to green.  Again a kangaroo hop and the car stalled.  By this time motorists behind her were getting just a little bit annoyed.  It was when one motorist got out of his car and offered to drive the car to the corner across the lights that I then suggested I run and get Uncle Harvey and he could drive then.  She agreed with that idea and off I set down Birrell Street at full pelt.  Puff Puff, but I then got to Waverley College and realized I didn't have far to go to get to Uncle's house.  And lo!!!! there drives past me Mum and Joan in the little Morris.... and they didn't stop for me!!!

I eventually arrived at my Uncle and Aunts home exhausted and my first words were "you didn't stop for me" and Mum's reply? "But we did wave to you, darling."

You know, looking back neither Mum or myself (I was about 12 then) even thought how Uncle Harvey would then get his own car home after driving Mum's.  I guess Mum would have just left her car parked on Birrell Street and he would drive us back there when it was time to go home.

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