Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jackie so Changed now on Medication

Little Jackie (The Princess Dog) is so very changed since we have started her on the medication full time and also reducing the dosage she is now getting.  Previously at bedtime, Darcy would bound onto the bed and Jackie would go hide under the bed.  I would settle down to either read or watch Telly and it was then that Jackie would creep out and sit by the bed.  I would start to get out of bed to lift her in and off she would go to hide under the bed again.  This could be so frustrating, particularly when I was very tired and ready for sleep.

Since the medication she now heads to under the bed and by the time I am ready to hop in, she has come out and is sitting by the side of the bed for me to lift her in.

Since getting Darcy from the Shelter he has always been a "cuddle me" dog and loves to sit on my lap whilst I am watching TV.  I would have to lift Jackie up and stroke and pet her to get her to settle a bit.  Then the second I moved she would be off like a flash!  Since the medication she now jumps up and I end up with 2 doggies on my chair with me whilst I am watching TV.

All in all very happy with the results.  Also she doesn't seem to be as shy around my son and his wife now and I realize it is 12 mths in June since I got her but I really have noticed more of a positive change in her with the meds.

Darcy is enjoying his Obedience classes no end and hopefully at the end of this month we will graduate to Beginner's One class.  

Our badge for Obedience Class

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