Friday, 24 May 2013


I would like to say I have been pretty busy, however that would be lying.  In truth I seem to have wasted my days the past couple of weeks.  I get motivated and am active for one day and achieve so much and then I tend to go on strike for the rest of the week.

However today I have been busy and achieved what I have been wanting to do the past 2 weeks.  Next week I go into hospital to have "The Big One" and  I am very much looking forward to this operation as I will also be getting a bit of repair work done that has occurred with aging.  Apparently prolapses aren't that uncommon as we get a bit older, however it is just another reminder of getting old!

It is interesting to think I am so alone that I shall have to get a taxi to the hospital.  My son works as a Brickie and he has very early starts so he is not able to take me.  However if it is afternoon surgery, I can actually catch the bus as it stops right outside the hospital entrance.  My son and his wife are going to stop here to look after Jackie {The Princess Dog) and Darcy (The Dapper Dog) which is super as I know they will fret with me being away for a few days.  I have had to have the doggies sleeping outside the past week as it was getting too much to clean up after Darcy every morning when he would leave a calling card and also peeing in the front hallway.  Pretty sad really as now it is winter,  I am sure they would much prefer to be indoors overnight.  Maybe after my operation and I am fully recovered, we can see about them moving back inside overnight then.  

Just phoned the Hospital and it is an afternoon surgery so I can have a very very early breakfast, finishing before 6.30am and be at the Hospital at 11.30 for the afternoon surgery.  All good, as now I can get the bus which isn't that far from my house.  With the wheelie suitcase, will be easy to walk to the bus stop.

I probably wont be doing anymore posts until I am home again.  Please God, look after me and keep me safe. 

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