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Micro Chipping in Australia

The first time I had a dog micro chipped was with Jack (The Wonder Dog), now deceased, when he was about 5-6 yrs of age.  It was done by the local Council at the dog park and was quite cheap at $AU25.00.  We were subsequently posted a Certificate of Identification and urged to log into the website and update any information that was omitted at time of chipping.  This service was provided by Central Animal Records.

Jack passed away aged 18 yrs in June of last year and I only thought now to update the records and advise of his death.  This site is kept very up to date and I was able to advise online and I got a generic message to say they were sorry to hear of Jack's passing, etc etc.

So, what have I done with micro chipping for Jackie (The Princess Dog) and Darcy (The Dapper Dog)?

When I obtained Jackie from the Griffith NSW Pound, it was mandatory to have her micro chipped prior to her being permitted to be removed from the Pound.  I paid the required $45 and Jackie was handed to me.  They duly sent me out a NSW Companion Animal  Register Certificate of Identification. (An aside here, their site sucks, BIG TIME.  When you try to log in you are left hanging in suspense for ages and I am continuing the blog in hope the site eventually opens.)

And I since found the following information from the NSW Government:

"If you are moving to NSW and are going to be here for three months or more, you must have your cat or dog microchipped (if this has not already been done), entered on the NSW Companion Animals Register and lifetime registered with your local council. This must occur within three months of moving to NSW. If you do not know your local council in NSW, click here.
If your cat or dog was microchipped outside NSW or before 1 July 1999 (when the Companion Animals Act 1998 came into effect), you will need to provide proof of microchipping to your NSW local council. You will need to present a Verification of Existing Microchip (M1) Form completed and signed by a Vet or other Authorised Identifier and a completed Permanent Identification (P1A) Form.
Registration in another state or territory cannot be transferred to NSW.
You may also have listed your cat or dog on a privately-operated national microchip database. These databases are not linked to the NSW Companion Animals Register. The NSW Companion Animals Register is a NSW Government database used to record registration information for cats and dogs that reside in NSW."

Now we are not talking about Registering the dog, but I am wanting to know and update the information on the micro chip data base (which of course wont open!!). So now leaving the Jackie/Microchip hassle for a little while and shall probably just bomb them with emails about their sucky site.

So, on to Darcy (The Dapper Dog).  I purchased Darcy from Moorook Animal Shelter and prior to my picking him up he was desexed and microchipped and his chipping was registered with the National Pet Register,  The other day I received a Free Tag which is attached to his collar which shows his Tag Number.  This means should Darcy get lost the finder can phone a shown number and obtain all the details of name, address and owner for a safe and fast return. Otherwise a finder should take the pet to a Vet and have it scanned and the Vet then contacts the Registry to obtain owner's name and address.  Normally the Vet then holds the animal until it is picked up (if pet is scanned) otherwise the Vet gets the local Council to pick up the pet which is then impounded.

The final outcome, I have contacted and awaiting reply to transfer Jackie's microchip details to the National Pet Register which covers the whole of Australia.  This process has probably taken me most of the morning just trying to get the information from the NSW Companion Animals Register.


There are 5 National Microchip Databases in Australia. However there is also a NSW State Wide Microchip Database called the NSW Companion Animals Register.

The 5 National Microchip Databases in Australia are:

  • -National Pet Register 1300 734 738
  • -Central Animal Records 03 9706 3187
  • -Australasian Animal Register 02 9704 1450
  • -Petsafe 02 9476 5631
  • -HomesafeID 1300 537 140 

You should contact the operators of any databases on which your cat or dog is listed to update your contact details on your cat or dog's microchip record:

Australasian Animal Register Tel: 02 9704 1450
Central Animal Records Tel: 03 9706 3187 (administration and general enquiries)
National Pet Register Tel: 1300 734 738
Petsafe Tel: 02 8850 6800

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