Monday, 27 May 2013

Foster Mum to an Abused Dog

I am a Volunteer for a page on Face Book and on Saturday we did a posting for a dog wandering in a suburb near a busy road.  Another Volunteer (K) lives in the area and went out to look and found him,   She saw he was heading to a house so she followed.  The fence had a large hole in it, so with the help of a next door neighbour of that house, filled the hole with rocks and bricks and left the doggie there.  Nobody was home, so later in the afternoon she popped back to speak to the owners and let them know the dog had got out and heading to the main road, and also about the hole in the fence.  

The fellow who opened the door was an indigenous Australian and K said he spoke words that would make a sailor blush.  He said the dog had been left in the laundry by previous tenants and they didn't want the #%^** dog but they let him stay around and he ate the scraps their bigger dog didn't eat.  And it was then that he hit the dog across the nose with a towel.  The Volunteer was pretty upset and she said, if you are keeping and letting it stay here then you need to ensure he stays in the yard.  Again he said he didn't want the #%^** dog and he kicked it. 

It was at this stage the Volunteer again asked did he want the dog?  On his reply of #$%&* NO!!! she picked him up and headed to her car.  The poor little thing was shaking and terrified.  Later that evening she posted on our Admin wall and asked could anyone look after a dog overnight and after a bit of discussion to size, etc I agreed and she called up to my house and spent a bit of time whilst the little dog got familiar with my 2 Terrors and then left.

He seemed a little concerned after K (the Volunteer) left and later K said she had given him quite a bit of love and cuddles for the short time she had him,
Where the heck am I, he seemed to be conveying to me.  I got a little anxious as I had never fostered a dog before and worried in case he just didn't settle down.

"I wonder what will happen to me now.  I wonder if I am going to live here?"

 On the Sunday morning, he got back on the chair that he had claimed last night to settle in for a morning indoors.

And Darcy decided it looked so jolly good he would forsake his bed with Jackie and join him on the chair next to him. 

As it was decent Autumn weather I bathed him and you would have no idea how black the water was when I had finished.  He wasn't too chuffed with getting bathed but didn't growl or snap at me.

I then christened him "Champagne Charlie" because of his colour.  By the end of the day, he was very settled in and playing so much with Darcy and chasing each other around the back yard.  I have had to have Jackie and Darcy sleeping outside as with going into Hospital I can hardly ask my son and Aida to clean up after Darcy leaving "calling cards" and I think Charlie was used to sleeping outside.  However he sure loves being inside and has made himself very much at home.

Matthew and Aida have agreed they will look after him as well as my 2 babies whilst I am in Hospital and they will be stopping here in my home, so it will be good as then the dogs will have that human company as well.  I know Darcy and Jackie will fret with me being away for a few days and having Matt and Aida here will comfort them a little.

When I get out of hospital I shall have to make arrangements for Charlie to be adopted into a furever home.  In the meantime he can adjust to other people and dogs here and gain more confidence that he is a very beautiful little dog and not some ugly mutt that a person felt it OK to kick and hit.  We love ya, Charlie!

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