Thursday, 2 May 2013

Suspected Melanoma

On Tuesday I had to go to see the Doctor.  I have a lump on my skull that has me a little concerned but more so after I visited with Kay on Sunday and she was telling me about her friend Julie who had a lump on her skull and it turns out to be melanoma.  

The doctor examined my head and found 2 lumps on that spot and also another closer to the front of my head and it was darker and his words were "that concerns me a bit".  Good Lord!!! These are not words you wish to hear from your Doctor.  So he gave me a referral letter to see a Specialist.

I was very fortunate there had been a cancellation with another Specialist in the same group of doctors as my referral wouldn't be able to see me until late June and my doctor had said at least within 2 weeks.  So I was able to see Dr W the following day at 8.30am.

Dr W found 7 of these markings on my skull and he reassured me it definitely isn't melanoma and he told me what it was but I guess I was just too relieved to ask him to write it down.  He dictated a letter to my doctor whilst I was there and I shall just ask for a photocopy of that letter when I go back for the follow up visit.

But thank you God.  That was my first thought when I was told it wasn't a melanoma, malignant or benign.  And I had had just the most awful sleep the night before with worrying about meeting with the Specialist.

So I live to write another day.  Thank you God.

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