Saturday, 25 May 2013

Darcy, oh Darcy!!!


 I drove down to the Library to get a book to read in Hospital. Opened the door and Darcy bolted. He raced across Montegue Road, headed to some new town houses on other side of the road to the  Library.  Then started to run back again to Library and traffic quite heavy.   He got across the road with me standing in the middle of the road PRAYING cars wouldn't hit Darcy or me!!!   Someone caught him at the Library doors.   BLOOOODY DOG!! As it was a short trip I didn't anchor him into his restrainer...but guess what I learned today???? ALWAYS to anchor him in his restrainer whilst in the car.  And thank goodness I parked up by Montegue Road entrance to the Civic Chambers otherwise he would have run across North East Road toward the Plaza.  

When I was browsing for a book, I just grabbed anything as my knees were still shaking and I was crying.

He really is pushing his luck. This week he ate the bag for my blower vac. He chewed up the bed I had put out for him and Jackie, and that now in the bin. He also chewed through a hessian bag doggie bed (had been Matt's dog Britney's bed) . He has also chewed the corner of my recliner chair grrrrrr.  And probably other things, we no longer count the holes he digs in the back lawn

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