Saturday, 2 March 2013

DON'T do Supaglue and Sew

My super screen door

I have been doing a lot of embroidery sewing on my Janome 1100 today to make hand towels/wipers to put over your stove handles.  Got through mega part of embroidery and then thought  good time to fix this "screen door" I have that is so very dog friendly.  In this photo you see my darling old Dog Jack (The Wonder Dog) who was 18 yrs old at this time and he knew how to walk in and out the door.
Anyway, my little Jack has gone to Rainbow Ridge and since then I have Jackie (The Princess Dog) and Darcy (The Dapper Dog) ....
Darcy is very, very active and he and Jackie play no end and he has a tendency to be a bit rough n tumble (which Jackie loves no end) and between them they tore the bottom strip off the screen door.
So me being a total whiz at repairing stuff got out the old super glue whilst I was doing machine embroidery.  Fixed it....but got no end of super glue on my fingers and now cant thread the machine and do more sewing.
OH WELL, now off to watch telly and then to bed.

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