Friday, 1 March 2013

Oh Darcy!!

This morning was pretty good insofar as when the alarm went off, I managed to grab Jackie (the Princess Dog) prior to her jumping off the bed which she tends to do the second she hears the iPhone go off.  And after a little cuddle she settled down again, but bad news was I then slept on for another hour.  Oh well, not a busy day planned so no worries.
But really bad news was when I walked down the hallway, there in the front hallway entrance was a very nasty calling card from Darcy (the Dapper Dog)!
Darcy has been here for just over 2 weeks and he may not have been an indoor dog the past 7 months but he is a very bright and alert little fella.  I reckon he should be getting the gist of it now.  Today I brought him up to the mess and growled at him and then took him outside and put him on the lawn.  Hate growling at my Doggies but sometimes they call for it.
But now I have to ask myself - was it my fault he dirtied in the hallway?  I slept on a further hour and maybe Darcy took that time to relieve himself.  As I am partially deaf (and he light) I don't hear him jump down from the bed and then up again, whereas Jackie is too short to jump up onto the bed and has to be lifted up.


We were blessed with 7 mm of rain yesterday.  Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and SA is classed as "the driest state in the driest continent" which actually isn't true as Antarctica is actually drier.  But 7 mm is pretty good for us in February which is one of the hottest months we get.

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