Thursday, 7 March 2013

Darcy (The Dapper Dog) Goes to Class

Picking up for Adoption
I got young Darcy (7 mths or so) from the Moorook Animal Shelter in the Riverlands SA in early February.  So this week I registered him with the Council and then enrolled him in the Council run Dog Obedience classes.
I had previously enrolled Jackie (The Princess Dog) but we had a dreadful job of it.  She hated the classes.  She wouldn't sit, walk, drop and I often finished the classes early and close to tears with the drama.  So having given Darcy (The Dapper Dog) a little leash training in my back yard, figured he could "be da man".
So off we went to Classes and after a quick appraisal they put him in Puppy 2 as he could already sit on command.  He loved the pre class meeting all the other dogs and was so happy and tail wagging with it all whereas Jackie would growl and snap at any dog that put its head too close to her!
Well, the long and the short of it.... Darcy is a STAR!!  He walked on command.  Sat on command and even dropped.  I was thrilled and now looking forward to classes again.  I am a great believer in every dog (no matter how cute, fluffy and small it is) should have Obedience classes to learn to stay and sit on command, in particular.
I have included some photos of Darcy's first day of Adoption to our Family.  He is as outgoing and "in your face" as Jackie is timid and shying away from people.  But he has brought her out no end and they play so well and are so rough at their play also.

Jackie & Darcy at Play

Darcy the first day Home

Darcy with a rawhide bone

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