Friday, 1 March 2013

Last of My Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday ended up being pretty busy after all.  Gave my house a jolly good clean as it was well overdue.  Jackie (The Princess Dog) sheds hair no end on the carpet square in the Family/TV room and also the tiles get quite dog haired coated.
My girlfriend Kay and her hubby, Bruce were going to visit later in the day and we were going to head out to dinner to celebrate my 65th.  I headed over to Tea Tree Plaza (I hate going to big shopping malls) to buy a new mop head and also decided to get some ID disks for the Doggies.  Hells Bells!!! they so flippin' expensive but forked out $33 for the 2, which included graving.  My previous little Baby ... Jack (The Wonder Dog) never wore a collar but of course was always registered each year.  Just having 2 dogs I figured if one ever got out of the yard the other is likely to follow.
Kay and Bruce arrived and she gave me Bryce Courtney "Jack of Diamonds" his last book.  They also brought a lovely bottle of red from a friends vineyard, a 2008 Shiraz from McLaren Vale.  We went to the Modbury Hotel and had a fantastic dinner.   It was very busy at the pub and we hadn't made a booking but getting there early enough meant we got a table.
All in all, had a great day.

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