Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Meet Jackie (The Princess Dog)

I was in Griffith NSW when I had to have my old little friend, Jack (The Wonder Dog) put down due to he just couldn't  take another day of being so old and so tired.  He was 18 1/2 yrs of age and his last 2 days were so gut wrenching to witness him barely being able to walk and as  I was staying at someone else home, he didn't even know where he was :(
I lasted 10 days and saw an ad in the Griffith paper for "Dog of the Day" which showed Jackie and her litter sister at the Pound.  They were both very timid and I chose Jackie as she was shorter haired....  I often wonder what became of her litter sister.  Well, after they micro chipped her (for $45) I had another 10 days away before heading back to Adelaide and time for her to settle in.  Goodness me, she ate like there was no tomorrow and she gradually adapted to playing with Bart, the other large Jack Russel X where I was stopping.
10 days or so after I returned to Adelaide  I had her desexed and they also put a tattoo in each each ... D and M... so she is one hot doggie and so very trendy!!!  She was so ill and appeared to be in so much pain when  I collected her from the Vet and the following day I had to go back and get pain killers as she wouldn't let me near her and snarled and snapped at my hand when I got it near to her.  Eventually she healed and we started all over again to make friends of each other.
She is still frightfully timid.  She still backs away from me sometimes when I am giving her and Darcy a treat.  She HATES me after I have applied an ointment to her skin as she suffers from a skin infection and tears herself away until the skin is exposed :(    But I love her dearly and after 7 months together I think she loves me in her own standoffish way.  So here, World.... meet Jackie (The Princess Dog)

Mug Shot #1

Jackie and her Mummy

Your face smells of LOVE, Mummy

Mug Shot #2

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